From a thought, an emotion, a posture arise from it and then compensations show up in various places of the body. Without even thinking about it, we adopt behavioral postures that result in an overall imbalance of our body.

    The habits of life due to the daily tasks, work or simply bad schemes adopted disrupt the harmony of our maintain.

Together, let's define these imbalances and correct them in order to find a greater comfort of daily life.

 Each body trauma is a set of informations related to an episode of life. Through muscular practice we can release emotions trapped in our muscles and thus relax a whole muscle chain. A trauma is synonymous with fragilization, so it will be necessary to determine the muscles that need reinforcement and those who need rest.

With the help of a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or other physiotherapist, we can work as a team on your evolution. I will provide you the tools and support needed to solidify and maintain the work that has been done before. Find confidence in your daily life.

Nothing is impossible as long as you grow there!




- Loose weight

- Refine / Sculpt

- Recover a physical form

- Win an athletic form​


- Improve stability and range of motion


- Experiment with new skills in your favorite sport.


- Improve your physical abilities and bring the sense of rhythm by the movement. 


- Become confident in your movements and let yourself be overwhelmed by a sense of freedom through the expression of the body.


Stretching, this controversial technique ...

Is it necessary or even mandatory?

Are we obligate to practice at each session?

To better answer this question it is necessary to understand the benefits.

Stretching prevents muscle injury by strengthening the elasticity of the tendons and muscles.

It maintains and preserves the youthful joints by promoting joint lubrication. It thus makes it possible to slow the evolution of certain degenerative diseases of articular cartilage, such as osteoarthritis.

It also helps prevent chronic muscle pain and build breathing capacity.

Stretching exercises can improve the quality of blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure.

In addition to its benefits on the body, it is highly beneficial on the neuromuscular system.

It increases the concentration abilities because it combines a proper breathing, an optimal posture and a feeling of conscious muscular work


The best-known benefit is the soothing and relaxing effect it brings to our body.

It allows to relax the tensions that accumulate daily and thus helps to resolve and avoid future blockages, as well as soothe some pain. It will help you let go mentally ... a great benefit for our stressful time..


And last but not least, it provides athletes with optimum range of motion and greater technical performance.


Do not minimize the stretching and add it to your sport will bring you overall benefits on your body and mind!


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